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ON-LINE REGISTRATION:  http://sttrainer.rd20.com/

New: Stephen Taylor is now a FIST-Certified Triathlon Bike Fitter.  He will fit you to your bike the way a TRIATHLETE should ride, not the way a road cyclist should ride.

New: STtrainer Coach Bruce Gennari is now in charge of On-Line Coaching. He is a USAT Olympic Distance National Champion, as well as Master’s Triathlete of the Year.  Moreover he has been coached by Troy Jacobson, Mark Allen, and Joe Friel.  He describes his coaching system as “combining the best of all three.”

Team Magic Events
Stephen Taylor and STtrainer coaches will be doing FREE pre-race clinics at all magicTN Team Magic events in 2008.  These events are great for beginners and experienced triathletes alike.

Triathlons have been filling up left and right, and Team Magic races are no exception.  See the schedule here.

Upcoming Classes:

Transition Clinics

You spend hundreds of hours swimming, biking, and running.  Why not train the “4th discipline,” transitions? Receive expert instruction and rehearse many repetitions of T1 and T2.

Cost is free to members of TRI L1 and TRI L2, $25 to all others.  All Transition Clinics are held at the south side of the Parthenon in beautiful Centennial Park, Nashville.

Triathlon Level I


March 11-June 2
Tuesdays 6:00-8:00pm

You can still register to join this session of Tri L1, but 3 individual sessions for “catch up” are required.

Recreational, beginner, and intermediate triathletes start here.
This 12 week section of Triathlon Level I will take you from an ordinary mortal to a triathlete.  You will become immersed in the fundamentals of triathlon.  Embark on a challnge but realistic training program that will have you ready for the first triathlon of season.  Target will be Nashville’s JCC Triathlon on June 2.


Triathlon Level II - Thursdays 6:00-8:00pm
Runs now through September
Intermediate-to-advanced training.  By application/invitation only.  Join now.


Training Peaks 

In order to provide the best possible training planning programs, we will be integrating Training Peaks software with the STtrainer.com website. Now you be able to receive your training plans on-line, and log your workouts in the very same place. This way your coaching will be more precise and detailed than ever before.

Free Training plans now available for Team Magic races

Stephen has created training plans especially geared for the beginner and advanced beginner. To view the plans click here. www.team-magic.com.

Directions to Wellness Center at Baptist

Click here for directions
Printable pdf directions

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